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Transform Your Game!

It can be tough doing this business thing on your own.


It’s essential to be part of a supportive community and have access to other women who have 'been there' and who 'ARE there' to offer you the encouragement that your 9-5 friends don’t understand you need.

​At the Global Success Syndicate, you’ll get the opportunity to ask for advice, give advice  and get inspired and motivated to rocket-fuel your business to the moon and beyond.


  • Bounce ideas around with your Blitz-Buddy

  • Expand your brand awareness through networking and referrals

  • Learn new business skills and enhance current ones every month

  • Build your confidence and self-esteem

  • Take action where once you procrastinated

  • Connect with members far and wide

You’ll be able to draw on the wealth of knowledge, experience and intuition of like-hearted women who can offer innovative solutions to challenges and blocks, allowing you to not just dream big, but live big!

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Freshers'  NETBLITZ

If the idea of joining an established members' group gives you the chills, don't worry we've thought of that too...

  • Each new INTAKE gets the first few sessions in their own comfy micro-community

  • All new members are in the same boat

  • Get your KNOW, LIKE, TRUST factor up and running

  • Meet and gel with other new members before meeting seasoned sistas so you don't fell like a NEWB

  • Work with a BLITZ-BUDDY to keep you motivated and inspired.


Ladies, if you’re looking for a warm, welcoming and friendly community then you’ll find it here. Business savvy meets woo woo for women. Learn, connect, share and laugh till you cry and your sides hurt. Just join 💕

Jo, Intuitive Health and Wellness Coach

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