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We've got challenges and cool blog posts for you to feast your eyes and minds on. These will help you to start optimising your business brain.

BUT to get access to all areas of this site, you'll need to become a paid member. 

We help women to develop their businesses with gusto, whist doing so at their own pace. 

We'll help you to upgrade and enhance your business skills and your most important resource - YOU.

Read on to find out how we can help YOU on your business journey.

Learning On Demand

Every month, we record our fabulous MASTERCLASSES and then pop them in the LEARNING ZONE.

So, have a look at what we've already learnt and catch up at your leisure.

We usually have one


BUSINESS SKILLS session each month. 

Just pop into the LEARNING ZONE, see what takes your fancy and click the link to the page. 


balance your mind

There's also some Zen-inducing meditation audios for you to feast your ears and minds on.


Meditation rewires your brain so that you are able to be calm in funky situations and keep yourself composed like the Goddess that you are!

It's important to establish a routine with your meditation, so that you can make your brain do what you want it to do.


Daily is good! Once a month is not.


Put 10 minutes aside in the morning or at night to start with and you'll be sweet!

If you're new to meditation and mindfulness, pop into CHALLENGES  and get started with our 21 day challenge.

Members can access these audios in the LEARNING ZONE.

Get it in Your Diary

Make sure you book onto our live online sessions every fortnight in the LIVE EVENTS area.

Our Tuesday morning sessions are in 2 parts:


  • develop business skills and knowledge

  • enhance your personal development journey

  • ask questions of the expert presenter



  • meet and network with other members

  • celebrate your wins with everyone in the session

  • ditch your procrastination woes in our BLITZ THAT BITCH section, in which you'll also be assigned a BUSINESS BUDDY to help you keep the steam.

Alternatively, if you can't make it on Tuesdays, you can of course catch the masterclass on demand. 


You can also choose a different time within the fortnight to access a NETBLITZ session.​​

(New NETBLITZ events will be added as demand requires.)

Look on the LIVE EVENTS page to see what's coming up.


  • Each new INTAKE gets the first few sessions in their own comfy micro-community

  • If you don't fancy rocking up to an established group, this is for you

  • All new members are in the same boat

  • You'll meet and gel with other new members before meeting seasoned sistas so you don't fell like a NEWB.

Community is Everything

The SOCIAL ZONE is all about sharing and caring!

Community is one of the most important things about making change and creating lasting habits that lead to success. 


So, come on in and introduce yourself. Share your hopes and fears, your successes and your blocks and, together, we'll get excited and encourage one another to go forth and upgrade our fabulousness!

It's so helpful to be able to see that other people are going through what we're going through, but it's not a moanfest! It's a platform for sharing empathy and smoking hot ideas that will help us all to get rid of the demons and stick some fire in our business-bellies. 

If somebody else can get past what you're experiencing, then so can you.

We all have infinite resources, power and magic in us. Sometimes

a little inspiration from others is exactly what we need to help us to believe that!

socialise with women business owners

Get to Know Women Entrepreneurs, Worldwide

network with women business owners

Not only can you showcase your own shizzle, but you can connect with and collaborate with women from all over the show. There's a whole host of stuff you can do in the NETWORK ZONE. 

For Example:

  • group chats

  • one to one chats

  • find members to connect with

  • follow members

  • get notifications when your favourite members post ab fab stuff

  • get notifications when members like and comment on YOUR stuff in the SOCIAL ZONE.

We've got it all going on under this one, delicious roof!

Make sure you get stuck in with the SOCIAL AND NETWORK ZONES to

get the most from your membership. 

We're all here to...

support each other and to celebrate with each other.

Please let me know if anyone is being overtly SPAMMY.

We'll have none of that nonsense here! 

You should be able to navigate your way round like a Sherpa in no time.

First things first, have a little look around and make sure to fill in your MEMBER PROFILE

Just click the dropdown list in the top right hand corner and add your deets.

This will be a public page and all the other business chicks will see what you're all about here. 

If you're stuck on what to say about yourself, make sure you go to the LEARNING ZONE and watch the Masterclass on Marketing Your Business with the mighty Russell Alcock of BLOODY MARKETING. He'll give you some faboo ideas about how to get yourself and your business across in style. 

Remember though, we're not here to SELL, SELL, SELL to each other.


Networking never works very well that way. It's about making great connections and then, eventually, when the other members know, like and trust you, they'll spread the word for you, when opportunity arises. 


So, let's do this!

Let's Get This Show On The Road!
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