When things aren’t going the way we want, we see ourselves as failures and many people give up and go back to those jobs that made them feel like they were dying a slow death.

​On the good days, when things turn out great, we bask in the glow for about 5 minutes, until we start telling ourselves it was probably just a fluke and we shouldn’t get over-excited etc.

​The trouble is, we have to live with an element of fear in order to get to the next level as entrepreneurs, but we can damn well get past it if we know how to optimise our minds and if we have the right people around us for support.

​WE have a raft of strategies for overcoming the gremlins which lurk inside your mind, waiting to pounce on your great ideas and stop you in your tracks.

Every month,  we'll add more Mind-Mastery Magic to get us fired up and ready to tackle the things we’ve been avoiding.

​You’ll also have practices to use daily to help you keep the steam on the good days as well as on those challenging, little buggers!



Every month, we’ll have a new ‘Biz-Wizardry’ chunk in which we’ll be tucking into learning some juicy business skills.


These sections will be delivered by a mix of experts, and members can also apply to lead the learning on an aspect they are particularly strong on.

Even more opportunity to show us what you’re made of so we can big you up to all of our own networks!

There’s so much to learn in business and when you’re a one-woman-band, you’ve got to do the lot.

However, there are often better, more efficient, more effective ways of doing the things that you’re already doing as well as things you don’t realise you could be doing, but aren’t yet.

​You don’t want to miss out on these valuable tricks of the trade!



We also have our own in-built social community, which is all about sharing and caring!

​Community is one of the most important things about making change and creating lasting, positive habits that lead to success. 

Here, you will get to share your hopes and fears, insights, articles, blogs, your successes and your blocks and, together, we'll get excited and encourage one another to go forth and upgrade our fabulousness from wiggly, hairy entrepreneurial caterpillars to beautiful, business butterflies!

​It's so helpful to be able to see that other people are going through what we're going through, but it's not a moanfest! It's a platform for sharing empathy and smoking hot ideas that will help us all to get rid of the demons and stick some fire in our bellies. 



In the Networking Zone, we get to know each other’s businesses. We get to know each other as service/product providers and, crucially, as people.

​You can live-chat to other business chiccas and create/work in groups so that you can become power-house problem-solvers.

​At every live online session, you'll get the chance to say who you are, who benefits from your offerings and how, as well as saying how your wonderfully supportive fellow members can help you. 

In genuinely taking time to understand, like and trust each other, we increase everyone’s reach beyond the people in the virtual room. This means​ we can effectively grow our business reach and transform our selling power from best-kept secret to trusted Go-To’s in our fields.


Ladies, if you’re looking for a warm, welcoming and friendly community then you’ll find it here. Business savvy meets woo woo for women. Learn, connect, share and laugh till you cry and your sides hurt. Just join 💕

Jo, Intuitive Health and Wellness Coach

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