Grow. Learn. Share.

Choose the plan that's right for you and join business Wonder-Women from around the Globe.

The Empresaria package is the one for you if you're looking for a place where you get all the support, creative solutions, business know-how and personal transformation strategies under one gorgeous, virtual roof. 


You'll be able to meet and chat with other women and share hot tips to show how fabulous and knowledgeable YOU are!


Benefit from the sage advice from our other ladies who've been inhabiting the self-employed world for some time.

And  shout from the rooftops  about you and your fabulous business..

Super-Shero is the plan for you if you want to really drill down on what's keeping your from being the mega-star business wizardess that you want to be. 

Work with Joanna through a 12 week one to one programme to discover your blocks and kick them to the kerb. 

Learn what your true values are and how to make sure you live by them.


Uncover the beliefs which determine your actions and change the ones that are keeping you in the underachievement zone.

Then, create a new you and create a success plan that suits you (and to heck with what other people say you should do) and...

Have the courage and confidence to make it happen!

With the world changing in a way that face to face communication is uncertain, here's a great chance to become part of a global community who faces the same fears, anxieties and challenges as you.  

Whichever package you choose, you'll lock in the price for the duration of your membership. So, when the investment goes up for new members, you'll be sitting pretty with the same subscription rate you agreed to initially.

Let's get connected and help each other become the super-duper-stars that we were meant to be.