Do This Test to See What is Taking Away Your Power

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

The thoughts that you think on a regular basis have a deep impact on your behaviours and your wellbeing. Every statement made in your earshot, consciously, gets fed to your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind dictates the decisions that you make and the behaviours you exhibit. 

Whether you consider yourself to be a good decision-maker or not, you do not make fully conscious decisions. EVERYTHING that you do is as a result of what your subconscious believes to be the right thing. So, it is really important that we feed our minds with healthy thoughts. Thoughts that don’t deplete our inner strength.

The Test

Think of something that genuinely makes you very happy. Make a fist with one of your hands and hold out your arm (the one which has the fist at the end of it) at a right angle to your body. Now, talk about the thing that makes you happy and feel the emotions that this lovely thought brings.  

For this next bit, you will need a willing participant. They just need to press down on your arm. You should find that your arm stays resolutely where it is, as you are thinking about something that is making you feel good. 

Next, think of something that really makes you feel negative. Think again about the emotions this conjures. Say why it makes you feel so bad. Is someone else involved? Say how you feel about them. Then get your willing participant to push your arm down again, with the same level of force. What do you notice? 

Are you powerless to resist the force?

In this experiment, most people find that their arm has no strength in it, when they are thinking the unpleasant thought and it is pushed down easily. What does this tell us? It shows that, as well as being emotionally affected by the “thing” that we are thinking about, we are also physically affected by it. So, if just by having a positive or negative thought, we can affect the strength in our arm, what else is going on that we didn’t know about? 

Stress is disturbingly damaging to our minds and bodies. Negative thoughts are damaging to our wellbeing. This experiment shows, at quite a crude level, that our thoughts change our physiology. 

Thoughts literally change how physically strong we are. 

So, imagine how powerful we would all feel if we spent our energies thinking about things that lift us up. World Strongest Man – we’d all be contenders!

I have used this kind of test to see how people around me affect my energy and strength. I have been quite startled by some of the outcomes, but time and experience have then shown me that the test was accurate. 

I’m not suggesting that you speak the name of everyone you know, test your level of resistance and then start writing people out of your will, or even striking them from your Christmas card list. It is just useful to be aware of situations and people who may not be bringing forth good juju. Forewarned is forearmed, right?

The good news is that we can all protect ourselves from the harm that comes from situations and from people. We just don’t need to take in the bad stuff. It is that simple. We can shield ourselves from external damage by choosing not to focus on the things that weaken us.

Instead of feeling sorry for ourselves and being victims of bad circumstance, we can draw on our infinite inner brilliance and then congratulate ourselves for our problem-solving capabilities.   

As a child, I was bullied mercilessly for having voluptuous lips. What seemed like everyone in the whole school called me “Rubber Lips”. I wish I had known back then that by the time we all hit thirty, we’d all start losing collagen and by the time forty showed up, I would be one of few people who would still have somewhere to put lipstick meaningfully.  Had I known then about the power of thoughts and this gem of nature, I would have let their cruel words wash over me, knowing that I would be having the last laugh!

I didn’t know either of these things though and I was thoroughly miserable. I started to believe that there was genuinely something abnormal about my lips and I wanted to shrink into the background where nobody would see them and poke fun. There was nothing wrong with them. They were fabulous, but I let other people decide how I should feel about them, by allowing their words to become the truth.

It is because of the things that our subconscious minds take in, that we lose our power. What we choose to focus on is what we find. If someone tells us things that diminish us in some way, then choosing to focus on things that elevate us would be the antidote. There are always obstacles to overcome, large and small, on any day of the week, but the way we choose to deal with them will determine whether they take us down, or just cause a bit of fleeting irritation. 

So, when you have taken the test and discovered what takes away your power, find your antidote. Use the power of positive thought to transform your Kryptonite into a delightful ornament.

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