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It can be tough doing this business thing on your own.

​It can be bloody hard to motivate yourself on those dark days.

It can seem impossible to pick yourself up and start again if your latest, brilliant idea went down like a lead balloon and you simply cannot understand why people are not jumping at the chance to buy from you.

​On those days, it’s essential to be part of a supportive community and have access to other women who have 'been there' to offer you the encouragement that your other friends don’t understand you need.

​At the Global Success Syndicate, you’ll get the opportunity to ask for advice, give advice (like the wise sage that you probably don’t even realise you are yet) and get inspired and motivated to rocket-fuel your business to the moon and beyond.

You’ll be able to draw on the wealth of knowledge, experience and intuition of like-hearted women who can offer innovative solutions to challenges and blocks, allowing you to not just dream big, but live big!

When Women Work


Magic Happens!


Ladies, if you’re looking for a warm, welcoming and friendly community then you’ll find it here. Business savvy meets woo woo for women. Learn, connect, share and laugh till you cry and your sides hurt. Just join 💕

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